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Creep Graal Tech Salmon Rig

$1,200.00 / Sold Out

This piece is the first in a new series of minitubes from Creep Glass, made in December 2016. Born and raised in the Pacific North West and currently creating art in Yakima, Washington, Creep was inspired by a combination of his love for Native American artwork, with his own Norwegian ancestry when creating this new series of heady glass work. The Graal Tech that he used for the Salmon and also for the design work along the neck is a glassblowing technique common with Norwegan artisans where the glass artist carves and layers the glass to get their desired aesthetic. For us, the beautiful craftsmanship of this piece as well as the meaning and spirituality of this gem make it a true masterpiece and we're proud to have it on display in our gallery!

7.3 inches tall
4 inches to the top of the joint
2 inches across the base
14mm female joint
2 hole diffy
Creep signature/logo Graal tech on the joint
Colorpull is BlueDream

On Sale $800.00