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Mr. Gray Serum Bentneck Minitube

$1,500.00 / Sold Out

January 2017 Serum masterpiece from the legend himself, Mr. Gray
1 of 2 beautiful Serum gems we were able to scoop from Mr. Gray at AGE January in Las Vegas
5.5 inches tall
2.6 inches to the top of the joint
2.25 inches across the base
2 hole diffy
10mm female joint
Blue dichro marbles all over, and blue dichro is also mixed into the Serum used for the cannabis leaves
269 grams
Free USPS Priority shipping (USA only) and no sales tax!!
Bowl/QCB is NOT included!
This piece comes with a Pelican case, plucked by Mr. Gray

On Sale $1,500.00

Please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram @TheSummitGlassGallery to if you would like to request more photos or a function video of this gem, we'd be happy to hear from you;)